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Portfolio Recovery

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC is the collection subsidiary of Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. Portfolio Recovery Associates buys past-due and defaulted debt, including credit card debt.

Midland Funding has been sued by the Attorney General of Missouri. It has also paid $300,000 to settle allegations by the Attorney General of New York.

Portfolio Recovery Associates is a large, national debt buyer. It is an experienced and sophisticated entity. Consumers who represent themselves will find themselves up against law firms that have filed hundreds or thousands of similar lawsuits.

In order to win against Portfolio Recovery Associates, most people will need to hire a lawyer. A lawyer stands a much better chance of finding and exploiting the weakest part of Portfolio Recovery's cases: the defective, incomplete, or simply wrong documentation upon which Portfolio Recovery's cases rest.

Portfolio Recovery Associates does not issue loans so any lawsuit is based on the records of another business entity. Many times, Portfolio Recovery Associates does not have all the documents they need or the documents do not prove what they is alleging.


Turnips can bleed: The Portfolio Recovery Story (article) 2013-09-23

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